D20 Trusted Servants

To get in touch with any of District 20’s trusted servants, please use the email addresses below …

  • Officers
    • DCM – Cathy P  (district20dcm@nenyaa.org)
    • Alt DCM – Julia H  (district20altdcm@nenyaa.org)
    • Secretary – Tammy T  (district20secretary@nenyaa.org)
    • Treasurer – Diane R  (district20treasurer@nenyaa.org)
    • Alt Treasurer – Gretchen E 
    • Records – Darrell A   (district20records@nenyaa.org)
    • Webmaster – Lakota L  (district20webmaster@nenyaa.org)
  • Committee Chairpersons
    • Cooperation with the Professional (CPC) / Public Information (PI) – Marcy T  (district20cpc@nenyaa.org)
    • Corrections – Kate F (district20corrections@nenyaa.org)
    • Grapevine – Peter F  (district20grapevine@nenyaa.org)
    • Technology Committee – Renee S (district20techchair@nenyaa.org)
    • Service Committee Manual – Kate F (district20corrections@nenyaa.org)

For general information about District 20, email us at onlinedistrict20@aahmbny.org

An ad-hoc committee is currently drafting a D20 Service Manual, which will describe the purpose and responsibilities of each of the district’s service positions and committees. This document will be published here once it’s finished. Stay tuned!